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Conjugated Biologicals Biotin/Peroxidase/Gold/Magnetic

Biotin Conjugated Biological

Item# Description Unit Of Measure Price  
1001-B Biotin rgp120 HIV-1 IIIB (Euk) 50ug $415.00
1001-BL Biotin Conjugated gp120 HIV-1 Lyophilized 50ug $435.00
1002-B Biotin rtat HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 50ug $415.00
1003-B Biotin rp24 HIV-1 IIIB (Euk) 50ug $415.00
1004-B Biotin rgp160 HIV-1 IIIB (Euk) 50ug $415.00
1005-B Biotin p17 HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 50ug $415.00
1006-B rp66 RT HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 50ug $415.00
1007-B rvif HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 50ug $325.00
1008-B Biotin rnef HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 50ug $415.00
1021-B Biotin rgp120 HIV-1 MN (Euk) 50ug $415.00
1081-B Biotin gp120 HIV-1 ADA (M. Tropic) 50ug $415.00
1101-B Biotin Murine mAb gp120 HIV-1 50ug $360.00
1102-B Murine mAb tat HIV-1 50ug $360.00
1103-B Biotin Murine mAb p24 HIV-1 50ug $360.00
1103T-B Biotin Murine Anti-p24 HIV-1 mAb 50ug $360.00
1105-B Biotin Murine mAb p17 HIV-1 50ug $360.00
1106-B Biotin Murine mAb p66 HIV-1 50ug $360.00
1107-B Biotin Murine mAb vif HIV-1 50ug $360.00
1108-B Biotin Murine mAb nef HIV-1 50ug $360.00
1121-B Biotin Murine mAb gp120 Cross Reactive 50ug $360.00
1131-B Biotin Murine Anti-gp120 YU2 50ug $360.00
1301-B Biotin Rabbit pAb gp120 HIV-1 50ug $360.00
1302-B Biotin Rabbit pAb tat HIV-1 50ug $360.00
1303-B Biotin Rabbit pAb p24 HIV-1 50ug $360.00
2501-B Biotin Human pAb gp120 HIV-1 50ug $500.00

FITC Conjugated Biologicals

Item# Description Unit Of Measure Price  
1001-F Fluorescene rgp120 HIV-1 IIIB (Euk) 50 Tests $325.00
1001-FL Fluorescene rgp120 HIV-1 IIIB (Euk) Lyophilized 50 Tests $325.00
1002-F Fluorescene rtat HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 50 Tests $325.00
1003-F Fluorescene rp24 HIV-1 IIIB (Euk) 50 Tests $325.00
1004-F Fluorescene rgp160 HIV-1 IIIB (Euk) 50 Tests $325.00
1005-F Fluorescene p17 HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 50 Tests $325.00
1006-F Fluorescene rp66 RT HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 50 Tests $325.00
1007-F Fluorescene rvif HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 50 Tests $325.00
1008-F Fluorescene rnef HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 50 Tests $325.00
1021-F Fluorescene rgp120 HIV-1 MN (Euk) 50 Tests $325.00
1031-F Fluorescene rgp120 HIV-1 YU2 100ul $365.00
1032-F Fluorescene rtat HIV-1 MN 50ug $595.00
1081-F Fluorescene rgp120 HIV-1 ADA 50ul $365.00
1101-F Fluorescene Murine mAb gp120 HIV-1 50 Tests $305.00
1102-F Murine mAb tat HIV-1 50 Tests $325.00
1103-F Fluorescene Murine mAb p24 HIV-1 50 Tests $305.00
1103-FL Fluorescene Murine mAb p24 HIV-1 Lyophilized 50 Tests $305.00
1105-F Fluorescene Murine mAb p17 HIV-1 50 Tests $305.00
1106-F Fluorescene Murine mAb p66 HIV-1 50 Tests $305.00
1107-F Fluorescene Murine mAb vif HIV-1 50 Tests $325.00
1107-PE Fluorescene R- Phycoerythrin Murine Anti-vif HIV-1 mAb IgG 50ug $405.00
1108-F Fluorescene Murine mAb nef HIV-1 50 Tests $305.00
1121-F Fluorescene Murine mAb gp120 Cross Reactive 50 Tests $305.00
1301-F Fluorescene Rabbit pAb gp120 HIV-1 50 Tests $305.00
1302-F Fluorescene Rabbit pAb tat HIV-1 50 Tests $305.00

Gold Conjugated Biologicals

Item# Description Unit Of Measure Price  
10-101-G Murine anti-human IgG mAb gold conjugated 1 ml $295.00
10-102-G Murine anti-human IgM mAb gold conjugated 1 ml $325.00
10-106-G Protein A gold conjugated 1 ml $295.00
10-107-G Protein G gold conjugated 1 ml $295.00
1001-G rgp120 HIV-1 IIIB (Euk) 1 ml $655.00
1002-G Gold rtat HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 1 ml $655.00
1003-G Gold rp24 HIV-1 IIIB (Euk) 1ml $655.00
1004-G Gold rgp160 HIV-1 IIIB (Euk) 1 ml $655.00
1005-G Gold p17 HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 1 ml $655.00
1006-G Gold rp66 RT HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 1ml $655.00
1007-G Gold rvif HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 1 ml $655.00
1008-G Gold rnef HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 1ml $655.00
1021-G Gold rgp120 HIV-1 IIIB (Euk) 1 ml $655.00
1091-G Gold gp41 HIV-1 MN (E.coli) 1 ml $655.00
1101-G Gold Murine mAb gp120 HIV-1 1 ml $655.00
1102-G Gold Murine mAb tat HIV-1 1 ml $655.00
1103-G Gold Murine mAb p24 HIV-1 1 ml $655.00
1105-G Gold Murine mAb p17 HIV-1 1ml $655.00
1106-G Gold Murine mAb p66 HIV-1 1 ml $655.00
1107-G Gold Murine mAb vif HIV-1 1 ml $655.00
1108-G Gold Murine mAb nef HIV-1 1ml $655.00
1121-G Gold Murine mAb gp120 Cross Reactive 1 ml $655.00
1301-G Gold Rabbit pAb gp120 HIV-1 1 ml $655.00
1302-G Gold Rabbit pAb tat HIV-1 1 ml $655.00
1303-G Gold Rabbit pAb p24 HIV-1 1 ml $655.00

Peroxidase Conjugated Biological

Item# Description Unit Of Measure Price  
1001-P Peroxidase rgp120 HIV-1 IIIB (Euk) 200 Tests $325.00
1002-P Peroxidase rtat HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 200 Tests $435.00
1003-P Peroxidase rp24 HIV-1 IIIB (Euk) 200 Tests $325.00
1004-P Peroxidase rgp160 HIV-1 IIIB (Euk) 200 Tests $435.00
1005-P Peroxidase p17 HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 200 Tests $435.00
1006-P Peroxidase rp66 RT HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 200 Tests $325.00
1007-P Peroxidase rvif HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 200 Tests $325.00
1008-P Peroxidase rnef HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli) 200 Tests $325.00
1021-P Peroxidase rgp120 HIV-1 MN (Euk) 200 Tests $435.00
1041-P Peroxidase rgp120 HIV-1 IIIB (CHO) 200 Tests $435.00
1081-P Peroxidase gp120 HIV-1 ADA (M. Tropic) 200 Tests $325.00
1101-P Peroxidase Murine mAb gp120 HIV-1 200 Tests $325.00
1102-P Peroxidase Murine mAb tat HIV-1 200 Tests $325.00
1103-P Peroxidase Murine mAb p24 HIV-1 200 Tests $295.00
1105-P Peroxidase Murine mAb p17 HIV-1 200 Tests $325.00
1106-P Peroxidase Murine mAb p66 HIV-1 200 Tests $325.00
1107-P Peroxidase Murine mAb vif HIV-1 200 Tests $325.00
1108-P Peroxidase Murine mAb nef HIV-1 200 Tests $325.00
1121-P Peroxidase Murine mAb gp120 Cross Reactive 200 Tests $325.00
12101-P Murine anti-Ebola GP2 antigen mAb Peroxidase labled 100ug $465.00
1301-P Peroxidase Rabbit pAb gp120 HIV-1 200 Tests $325.00
1302-P Peroxidase Rabbit pAb tat HIV-1 200 Tests $325.00
1303-P Peroxidase Rabbit pAb p24 HIV-1 200 Tests $325.00
2001-P Peroxidase rgp105 HIV-2 200 Tests $325.00
2003-P Peroxidase gag rp26 HIV-2 (Rod) 200 Tests $325.00
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